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LocaProject @ Maillinger Studios

Maxvorstadt, Maillingerstr. 6

  • Boutique Studio

  • Tanzen

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LOCA is a social dance project meant for everyone searching for a cool hobby, fun community and great people to spend time with while stepping out of their daily routine. We provide high-quality courses for some of the most popular social dances world-wide, emphasizing on technique delivered with fun, reinforcing the feeling of belonging to our community and spreading our LOCA culture. Take advantage of our pressure-free environment to learn not only how to dance, but to improve your physical fitness while balancing a social life without any effort!

LOCA culture:
• International environment
• Bring cool people together
• Challenge yourself and each other
• Learn fast and fun
• Community feeling
• Be fit and happy
• Forget your stresses and reduce anxiety
• Be(come) confident
• Focus on student input and suggestions

Our 1.5h classes include
• English taught courses in an international setting
• interactive classes designed based on student input and suggestions
• 30 min of preparation
• repetition of basic steps/footwork
• training of muscles that you need for the upcoming figure
• all-body warm-up
• 1h of mastering the technique and practice
• CID certification each year upon course completion

Mitbringen zum Kurs:

When the day of your dance class comes and you are packing your bag, don't forget:
• Comfortable clothes: sweatpants, leggings and your favourite t-shirt will do! (no fancy business suits, tuxedos or minidresses)
• A pair of indoor shoes: gym sneakers, jazz dance shoes are perfect, dancing in socks could work as well, no high heels for girls (leave your hiking boots at home for now)
• Water (we care for you and don't want you to dehydrate)
• Your smile (it simply makes everything better!)

Was muss ich mitbringen?

bequeme Kleidung, Indoor Schuhe, Wasser und ein Lächeln


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