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FAQ – All the Answers to your Questions

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Our card is valid throughout Germany and allows you, in the context of your chosen membership, to train at any of our listed participating locations.

  1. How can I find out which studios I am allowed to train in with the Unlimited card?
    On our website click on studios, then select the classes section and search using the filter UNLIMITED. Here you will see an overview of the Unlimited Studios available in your city.
  2. Can a studio no longer be listed as an Unlimited studio from one day to the next, or even be completely removed from the offer altogether?
    The studios reserve the right to change their Unlimited status at short notice if too many members train in the studio. Individual studios can also be taken out on a daily basis when a heavy workload is anticipated. This has the advantage for our members that they won’t have to train in completely overcrowded studios.


  1. Do I have to print my ticket or is a digital copy on my smartphone enough?
    It is enough to simply show your ticket on your smartphone. However please do have your original membership card or a paper copy of it with you.
  2. Can I work out all day with a day ticket?
    Yes, a day ticket is valid for the entire day until you leave the studio.
  3. Can I book multiple tickets for one calendar day?
    No, only one ticket can be redeemed per calendar day.
  4. Does one course ticket allow me to participate in multiple courses?
    No, a course ticket is only valid for that booked course.
  5. Can I use all of the studios services with a day ticket?
    Yes, in the big studios all services are included, which are offered to that studios existing members.
  6. If a studio has multiple branches, e.g. Fitness First, can I train with each branch four times?
    Yes, for partners with multiple studios in one city, you can use each studio four times (for example, Fitness First Einstein four times, Fitness First Schwabing four times, Fitness First Laim four times, etc.). In a few Fitness First studios you can only train three times a month. You can read it in the studio description of these studios.
  7. What do I do if I don’t receive my ticket after I booked it?
    You will receive your ticket directly after you check in to your personal profile. We will also send it per email.
  8. How far in advanced do I have to book my ticket to attend a course?
    Registration for courses is usually possible up to 5 minutes before the start of the course. Some individual studios may require a longer pre-booking period (4-6hrs),which will be noted in the description text of the respective studios.
  9. Do I have to book a day ticket if I only want to use the weight room or the sauna?
    Yes, please book a day ticket up to 5 minutes before your training. This will then be displayed in your personal profile and sent to you per email.
  10. What do I do if I am unable to attend a course or training day that I have booked?
    If you cannot attend a booked course or training you can cancel your ticket from as early as 11:59 pm the day before, until 6 hours before the start of the course. You can do this yourself in your personal profile on our website. If a booking is not cancelled on time then the training or course will be charged to your monthly training contingent, unless you demonstrate that you were unable to attend the training or course for reasons beyond your control.
  11. Do I have to pay an extra fee in the studio?
    No! If you have to pay an extra fee for courses or studios, it will be collected automatically by our system. You don't have to pay anything to the studio directly.
  12. Will the booking of an extra service will be numbered among my monthly Check-In account?
    No, the extra services will not be numbered among your monthly Check-In account.


  1. Is it possible to start My Fitness Card at any time or only on the first day of the month?
    It is possible to start at any time. Your membership will start on the day of registration.
  2. What is the notice period for cancelling my membership with My Fitness Card?
    You can cancel your membership in the settings of your profile. It should be received no later than three days before the expiry date of the contract month to ensure a smooth procedure. If you are in a pause at the moment, write an email to
  3. What do I do if my booking confirmation and the provisional membership card are not received per email?
    If the booking confirmation has not reached you per email within 10 minutes, then please refer to your spam folder. Often email programs do not recognize unknown email addresses and your ticket may be found there.
  4. Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade my membership?
    The change from one category to another is only possible at the end of a contract month. The change to a higher category can be done at any time for a fee of 39€. Please go to your personal profile to the settings section. Below the image of your membership card you will find the possibility to change your membership type. You can still use your existing card. Here it is also possible to change your payment method. Both the membership and any breaks can already be saved during the current training month. The change will then automatically be made by the system for the next training month or the date you have chosen. To ensure a smooth procedure, please roll in the changes until three days before the current training month ends.
  5. Can I pause my membership?
    You can pause your contract to the end of a training month for a maximum of 3 months at a time. You can do so using a link in your personal profile under Settings. An extension of a break beyond 3 months is unfortunately not possible. If you would like to take another break of up to 3 months, you can do so only after the completion of a complete paid training month. Again this can be done using the link provided in your personal profile under Settings. At the end of the break your membership will automatically be reactivated.
  6. How long does it take to train after I sign up?
    As soon as you have registered on our site you will receive an email with your booking confirmation and your provisional membership card. This takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Please bring this to the studio together with the day ticket that you book. You can show the day ticket on your smartphone, however the membership card must be printed. Your permanent card will be sent to you in the next few days per post.
  7. What do I do if I lose my membership card?
    Whether it is your temporary paper membership card or your credit card sized membership card, please contact us via email and let us know about the loss. We will gladly send you a new membership card in credit card format for a cost of 10 Euro. For the paper version you will receive a new card per email.
  8. How old do I have to be to become a member of My Fitness Card?
    You must be at least 18 years old.
  9. Which services does a membership with My Fitness Card allow me?
    Membership with My Fitness Card gives you access to our partners’ courses and training facilities without having to purchase memberships from these partners. We do not provide any fitness services, these are provided exclusively by our partners. You are obliged to observe the house rules of our partners whose services you use. Please inform yourself directly at the respective partners about their rules.
  10. To what extent can I use the individual partner studios?
    The extent to which you can use our partner’s services depends on the nature of your membership. Currently we offer the following memberships with different training contingents:

    • Start – As part of the Start membership you can train up to four times within a contract month with any of our partners. However, you can only train up to a maximum of three times with the same partner per contract month. The first contract month begins on the day of registration. Further contract months follow immediately.
    • Flex – As part of the Flex membership you can train as often as you like with any of our partners. However, you can only train up to a maximum of four times with the same partner per contract month. In a few studios of Fitness First, you can train up to three times per contract month.
    • Unlimited – With the Unlimited membership you can train as often as you like with our partners who are marked as “unlimited“ on our website (“Unlimited Partner“). A current list of our unlimited partners can be found at For all other partners you can train up to a maximum of four times per contract month. In a few studios of Fitness First, you can train up to three times per contract month. Additionally, you can take advantage of three EMS trainings or massages for free per contract month.
  11. Can I transfer unused training days to the next month?
    Services not used within a contract month will expire at the end of the contract month. They cannot be transferred into the following contract month and there will be no refund for unused services.
  12. Will I receive a membership card?
    As a member of My Fitness Card you will receive your personal My Fitness Card, which you can use to identify you and your type of membership to our partners prior to starting your training or course. This card will be sent to you per email with your booking confirmation. The original will follow per mail about 3 weeks later. Our partners may require you to identify yourself further with an identity card or drivers license as the true owner of the My Fitness Card. The loss of a My Fitness Card must be reported to us immediately. For a processing fee of 10 Euro we will gladly issue you with a replacement card.
  13. What if I am unable to attend a course or training day that I have booked?
    If you are unable to participate in a booked training or course you can cancel your ticket within the cancellation deadline. This applies to day tickets as early as 11:59 pm the day before until 6 hours before the start of the course or training. After that a cancellation is unfortunately no longer possible.
  14. Can I share my membership with friends/relatives?
    Membership of My Fitness Card is non-transferable. Only you as a registered member of My Fitness Card may use the services of our partners offered to you through your membership. Making these services available to third parties is not permitted. You may not make your My Fitness Card available to third parties or sell it on to third parties.
  15. Which payment options can I choose?
    There is always the possibility of payment by direct debit, PayPal or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). To process your payment, the external payment service providers will receive the data necessary for processing. We would like to point out that under certain circumstances a query about your credit rating may be made.
  16. Can I also make a direct transfer through my bank to you?
    Unfortunately no. Please note that we are unable to process direct transfers. Only transfers via PayPal, Stripe or GoCardless are possible. Directly transferred money is not a recognised payment method.
  17. When does my contract with My Fitness Card begin?
    The contract begins immediately after registration on that day and has no set expiration date.
  18. When is my monthly payment due?
    The monthly payment is due on the first of each contract month. We will deduct your monthly fee through your chosen form of payment. If the due date falls on a Sunday or a national public holiday the fee will be postponed to the next working day.
  19. Can there be additional costs for my membership?
    For some courses there can be additional charges. For example: due to exclusivity, reduced number of participants, 1-1-training or workshops. However, this will be displayed in the course selection and additionally during the booking process. The additional fee will be charged directly after booking using your selected payment method.
  20. How can I become a member of My Fitness Card?
    1. Simply select your desired membership type on our website from one of the My Fitness Card categories, as explained in section 11.
    2. You will then be asked to enter your name, your complete postal address and your email address.
    3. Then you can choose your payment method (direct debit, PayPal or credit card).
    4. After checking your details you can press the “Back“ button to return to the page where your details are recorded to correct any errors before submitting your order. You can also cancel the order process by simply closing your Internet browse rat any time before completing the booking.
    5. By clicking on the “Order Now“ button, you are placing a binding order.
    6. You will then be redirected to the external payment service provider’s website (PayPal, Stripe or GoCardless). Here you can enter your payment details for your membership.
    7. The contract is finalised as soon as you receive an order confirmation per email. In this email you will receive an overview of the invoice and order data, terms and conditions, the cancellation policy and a template for a cancellation notice along with a provisional My Fitness Card for you to print. In addition we will send you a membership number after ordering within your confirmation email.
  21. How can I reach My Fitness Card?
    Our customer services are available from Monday through Friday (except national holidays) from 09:00 to 17:00 as follows:
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